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Take Learning Outdoors

Whether you're looking to take learning outdoors to allow in-person learning or simply seeking ways to incorporate nature into your learning curriculum, Rocky Mountain Recreation is excited to offer new outdoor classroom concepts. The additions below may meet the CARES Act criteria for K-12 education. Our team is available to answer questions to ensure your business is able to utilize available funding before the December 30th, 2020 deadline.

1. Shading

Installation of SkyWays shade sails helps keep temperatures cooler while also protecting students from harmful UV rays. Rocky Mountain Recreation offers a wide range of shading options to fit the design of your atrium or outdoor space. Access more on shading options today.

2. Seating

Our newest outdoor seating is a custom Permalene® Desk. These desks accommodate individuals using mobility devices, offer a hook for students to hang their bags as well as a include a shelf to store classroom materials. This piece ships flat for easy transportation and storage.


-Dimensions of 32" x 35" x 25"

-Quick delivery, 4 week lead time

-Color choices to match school themes

-Available in surface mount and portable

-Cost of $595

Consider these desks in addition to our existing seating products—Acorn seats, log and mushroom steppers, the Stepper™ rock climber, Facet® steppers and more.




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