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Virtual Learning

Our Spring 2021 VIRTUAL learning series hosted with Landscape Structures experts has completed. However, email us to request a personalized session to meet your schedule and topic needs. We offer both virtual or in-person learning sessions.


These CEU sessions can range from new products, splash pads, playground design trends, research-based playground design and how to create inclusive play environments.  

New Products

March 16 | 11:30 am


This event will kick off our series with an exciting sneak peak on Landscape Structures newest products launching in 2021 as well as some of the amazing designs we’ve created over the past year.  This event will give you lots of creative ideas and designs to set you up for a successful 2021!

Introducing the AquaSmart Packages

March 23 | 11:30 am

These new thrilling ready-to-install splash pad packages are powered by HydroLogix™. The proprietary technology behind HydroLogix is also what makes these innovative water play packages intriguingly affordable.

HydroLogix eliminates the need for costly electrical installation and operates with just a push of the button. Now you can place one of these self-contained splash pads just about anywhere, especially when electrical service is prohibitive or unwanted. No power bills, no potential power failures. This low-water-flow option greatly reduces water consumption while still providing plenty of opportunities for splashtastic play. Because there’s no need for a mechanical room or large vault, you can devote all the available space for a fun aqua play environment. 

Nature Trail Splash Park Hamilton.jpg

Trends in Play Space Design

March 30 | 11:30 am

Activity, engagement and involvement.

Parks today face the challenge of providing environments that will attract children and families to engage, play and stay. To compete with indoor, more sedentary activities. In this session, we will examine playground trends that create kid magnets, facilitate multi-generational interaction and signature playgrounds that tell a community story. Discussions will also focus on the opportunities for stronger collaboration between playground designers and park planners.

We are authorized to provide .2 CEUs and 1.5 PDHs, which meet Health, Safety and Welfare credits.

MN - Delano Intermediate School -

Evidence-Based Landscape & Playground Design

April 6 | 11:30 am

Transforming play into development.

More than just play, children with developmental disorders benefit from strategically designed sensory playgrounds and sensory gardens. A study, completed by the STAR Center in Denver, Colo., evaluated the outcomes of outdoor play by children, therapists and families experiencing the play space as a natural setting for rich, multisensory occupational therapy interactions.

We are authorized to provide .2 CEUs and 1.5 PDHs, which meet Health, Safety and Welfare credits.

CO - Clement Park - 211.jpg

A Higher Level of Inclusive Play

April 13 | 11:30 am

A new approach to inclusive playground design.

Playgrounds are a place for play and learning—where kids develop physical and cognitive skills and build social relationships. However, not all playgrounds are welcoming to people of varying abilities. During this continuing education session, you will learn about the changing population of children on the playground, and how to create playground designs that meet their unique needs.

We are authorized to provide .2 CEUs and 1.5 PDHs, which meet Health, Safety and Welfare credits.


All Ages, All Abilities, All the Time

April 20 | 11:30 am

How socially sustainable are your parks?

Parks today face the challenge of providing environments where all visitors can feel safe, secure and fully engaged. Universal design increases usability, safety, health and social participation. Discover how applying the principles of universal design can ultimately contribute to social equity and social sustainability. Playground Planners will be provided practical examples of how to create park and recreation spaces that encourage health and wellness for individuals of all ages and abilities.

We are authorized to provide .2 CEUs and 1.5 PDHs, which meet Health, Safety and Welfare credits.

CO - Clement Park - 209.jpg

Water Sources, Uses Repurposing and Water Quality in Splash Pad

April 27 | 11:30 am

NV - Winnemucca Recreation Center - 130.

Learn about sources of water supply, and best practices in water clarity, turnover ratios, preventing RWI and utilizing secondary disinfection options.

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