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Kids play hard and that means it’s important to make playground safety a top priority to eliminate the risk of more serious mishaps. We help you make sure to choose the right surfacing to ensure safe fun for the kids!


Poured-in-Place Rubber Safety Surfacing

Poured-in-place rubberized surfacing is available in a wide variety of colors and limitless design possibilities. These surfaces are durable and require significantly less maintenance than other playground surfacing options. Poured-in-place is the ultimate accessible surfacing, offering a seamless transition from curb to play.

Playsoft Engineered Wood Fiber

PlaySoft Engineered Wood Fiber has been the most common and cost efficient surfacing material when it comes to playgrounds. It helps provide a softer and safer fall for kids who are playing but is still an aesthetically pleasing addition to your playground!

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Add a unique look and feel to your playground surface with synthetic turf. Equally easy to maneuver and comparable in price to poured-in-place rubber surfacing.


Keep your surfacing materials in place with TuffTimbers™ Edging. They come only in black, but they are tough, permanent edging material that helps define play areas and keeps loose surfacing in place.


TuffTimbers™ Access Wedge

The TuffTimbers™ Access Wedge gets kids of all abilities where they want to go on the playground.

Questions about the products we offer? Reach out to us today, we’re happy to help.

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