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Play Will Always Shape Us - Shaped By Play - Landscape Structures

Rhapsody® Tongue Drum - Freestanding Play - Landscape Structures

Rhapsody® Cascata® Bells - Freestanding Play - Landscape Structures

Chill® Spinner - Freestanding Play - Landscape Structures

Rhapsody® Vibra® Chimes - Freestanding Play - Landscape Structures


Hedra™ provides a world where the next move is always the right one. A world where kids can safely navigate via their own intuition and curiosity. Where experiences and activities can’t be counted, only created. Hedra offers the permission kids need to invent and reinvent routes, games, imaginary environments, and personal bests. It is one world with endless outcomes. A world where the answer is always YES, and…

Rocky Mountain Recreation has earned its positive reputation because of everything we do to help make your dream designs come true. Whether you want to climb a Woolly Mammoth or create a truly inclusive play experience, we are here to help you make your designs a reality.


Fraser, Colorado

This Western-themed playground is a PlayBooster® structure customized with Permalene® panels that bring the historic storefronts and stagecoach to life. There are plenty of activity options from the PlayBooster Ring-a-ling™ Overhead Event to our Rollerslide, which brings a cool, sensory and inclusive play experience to kids of all abilities. Another fun feature of this playground is the realistic horse and canoe Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) sculpture where children can pretend they're voyaging to another era!

Fraser Park-101.jpg


Commerce City, Colorado

Butterflies, caterpillars and flowers are the main attractions at this garden-themed playground! The PlayBooster® playstructures feature climbers and slides underneath an array of flowers for kids ages 5 to 12. A custom caterpillar invites kids to crawl over, underneath and through its tunnel system. The butterfly’s wings, made up of a net system bring kids ages 5 to 12 together to socialize and navigate this custom climber. The interactive panels keep kids engaged while searching for lady bugs, bees and ants throughout the playground.


Niwot, Colorado

Throwing it back to the time of the Woolly Mammoth at Niwot park! Kids from ages 5 to 12 can climb and explore on the PlayBooster® playstructure that features a custom Woolly Mammoth climber, and various rock and net climbers. The Flywheel® and TopsyTurny® spinners bring kids together to run and spin! The Eclipse® Net Climber challenges kids to navigate and reach new heights!

CO - Island Grove Regional Park -


Greeley, Colorado

Aven's Village invites play for all at Island Grove Regional Park. This farm-themed inclusive playground, designed in partnership by Inclusion Matters (formally Shane's Inspiration) and Landscape Structures, welcomes individuals of all ages and abilities to learn, play, and grow together. With custom roofs, concrete-sculpted chickens, farm-themed activity panels including Talking is Teaching panels from Too Small to Fail, and custom graphics in the rubberized playground safety surfacing make this design a farm-filled play experience. Even more, the OmniSpin® spinner, Oodle Swing®, ZipKrooz® Assisted, Molded Bucket Swing Seats in addition to various playground slides, climbers and more create a destination for entire families for hours of fun and active play for everyone!



PO BOX 620411 Littleton, CO 80162


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Rocky Mountain Recreation has been creating innovative commercial and custom playgrounds in Colorado since 1994. The company has been family owned since its beginning and still remains family owned to this day. With a diverse group of clients including landscape architects, schools, churches, HOA's, municipalities, day care/preschool centers, air force bases and much more, we aim to turn neighborhood parks into destination play experiences. Whether you have a dream or a plan that needs to be brought to life, we are here to help you make those dreams and ideas come true.

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