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Rocky Mountain Recreation offers turn key solutions throughout Colorado for playground projects, splash pad and aquatic play in addition to shading, surfacing and seating solutions. From initial design conception to installation, our team offers outstanding service to complete all aspects of your project.

Our playground and water play designs can offer inclusive play, nature-based play and custom-themes!

We come back to play.


Play Innovations

Over the last 50 years, Landscape Structures has continued to be a leader in continuous play design, inclusive play and making nature more accessible to communities across the globe. In partnership with Landscape Structures, our team at Rocky Mountain Recreation is excited to share the latest innovations, setting trends in playground design.


We play, we laugh, we swing! The We-Go-Swing™ is a revolutionary step forward in inclusive play experiences. Designed to be integrated into the playground setting, this swing lets kids of all abilities play together and experience the thrill of swinging. With no need to transfer, the We-Go-Swing opens up a whole new world of playground fun.



Play Video

Rocky Mountain Recreation has earned its positive reputation because of everything we do to help make your dream designs come true. Whether you want to climb a Woolly Mammoth or create a truly inclusive play experience, we are here to help you make your designs a reality. Visit our Playground Portfolios to explore more projects.

Littleton, Colorado

This destination playground came together through input from a group of Inclusive Play Advocates. The giant, iconic, custom trombone play structure is a focal point of this Performing Arts Themed playground.  Sensory play features like the Marble Panel, Rhapsody Grandioso Chimes and a variety of the Rhapsody Drums combined with the inclusive We-Go-Round go beyond ADA standards for children with disabilities to truly meet their individual needs. Working with these Inclusive Play Advocates provided invaluable insight on shortfalls from other play areas.  Other design highlights include a play tower that is mobility accessible and carries the performing arts theme with custom pipe organ roof toppers. The hillside play area with Rollerslide lets the imagination run wild with endless games and play concepts. The ADA wheel chair path navigates around the playground with accessible play features throughout.


The playground was initiated by local families seeking a place for their children to be kids, playing alongside friends and siblings. Funding contributions by GOCO grants and Jeffco Open Space made this truly inclusive playground a reality, creating outstanding interactive play opportunities for children of all ages and abilities. The play space is fully integrated with access by a mobility device and integrated with shade to protect families from harmful UV rays while also keeping the space cooler.

Niwot, Colorado

Throwing it back to the time of the Woolly Mammoth at Niwot Children's Park! Kids can climb and explore nature based play on the PlayBooster® structure that features a custom Woolly Mammoth climber, and various rock and net climbers. The Flywheel® and TopsyTurny® Spinners bring kids together to run and spin! The Eclipse® Net Climber challenges kids to navigate and reach new heights.