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Still Time to Add Summer Water Play

Our AquaSmart packages are an affordable, quick to install, low-maintenance, low-water use solution to adding a splash pad this summer. This line of splash pads employs the revolutionary HydroLogix™ System. HydroLogix is a type of domestic single-pass system that combines the activator, distribution manifold and collection drain into a single, easy-to-install component. The entire system is fabricated from durable stainless steel materials that are vandal and corrosion resistant.

These robust solutions are designed for decades of play. The system requires a minimal footprint, 1500-2000 sqft on average to open up underutilized areas of your facility, park or neighborhood.

Choose from 8 different packages that offer varying aqua play features to meet your project goals with a great selection of exciting colors.

No electricity is required with the proprietary HydroLogix™ system. Truly a no-power way to empower water play!

An activation bollard uses a push button to activate water flow when pressed, turning on the entire splash pad for 90 seconds.

A drain-to-waste outlet directs water from the sloped splash pad to storm sewer or retention pond or tank.

Adding an AquaSmart to your space takes as little as 2-3 months! Email or call our team to explore these different packages and turnkey pricing.

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