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Fun for Tots!

Earlier this year, Landscape Structures announced the release of the new Billows play structure to the Smart Play® line, providing creative and imaginative play structures for ages 5-12. We now offer accompanying play spaces for the tots! Ages 2-5 will love the whimsical hot-air balloon ride experience of the Smart Play® Breeze™ and new growth discovered with Smart Play® Sprig™.

Smart Play® Breeze

Kids ages 2-5 can crawl, walk and even climb the cloud steps up to the basket, finding plenty of airy insights to explore along the way.

Little ones will discover activities that invite tactile curiosity and encourage early learning. Bouncy belting featuring wind-swept cutouts provides safe passage between the basket and two slides, encouraging kids of all abilities to soar. Chat between the brightly colored pinwheel Talk Tubes, then take off in the puffy balloon topped by SkyWays® shade fabric. This imaginative atmosphere combines soft tones with brightly saturated hues for one showstopper of a play structure. Pair Breeze with the matching 5- to 12-year-old play structure, Billows™.

Smart Play® Sprig

With a color palette as fresh as spring, this whimsical structure looks like it’s sprouting from the earth. A foliage-themed Marble Panel® engages the senses at ground level.

Above, a leaf slider delights as little ones navigate the bridge beneath a canopy of SkyWays® shade fabric. Tots can step or crawl across leafy pods, slide flower blossoms back and forth, or whoosh down one of two slides to ring the chimes at the bottom. Pair Sprig with the matching 5- to 12-year-old play structure, Tree Tops™, and you’ll create an entire forest of play.

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