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Play Your Way with our Custom Play Solutions

Rocky Mountain Recreation, in partnership with the creative designers at Landscape Structures, offers the most innovative, unique, creative and breathtaking play experiences.

Going beyond our standard designs that offer extensive play value and color selections, our play solutions can be customized to meet any vision.

Dreaming of a 30' inclusive play tower to offer a new perspective and stunning view of the mountains? How about rock realistic or larger than life sized recycled plastic lumber animals that allow children to expand their imagination with nature play!?

From a custom trombone, musical themed play space to a giant historic 1950s microphone-inspired tower, honoring Denver's legendary DJ Paco Sanchez, we love exploring the endless possibilities to connect history, arts, nature, sports, science and more into children's play spaces.

Children learn best when their senses are engaged making playgrounds an ideal setting for a child's learning and development; bring a new element to "play" with custom themed playgrounds.

Our team values the design development phase of a project and we will work collaboratively with key stakeholders on your team to ensure your vision is met during this stage of the project.

Schedule a free discover call with one of our consultants to showcase possibilities and

discover new ways to incorporate custom themes into your next playground project!

(303) 783-1452

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